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Let me start off by saying, I was a TV kid - and Saturday mornings were my jam. Loved the cartoons, loved the ads. Like, really loved them - I credit the cereal mascots of the early 90s for my decision to pursue a career in advertising. The best part of the gig was going to recording sessions. Every time I walked into the studio though, I couldn't help but think that I was on the wrong side of the glass. I belonged behind the mic! So, I decided to make a change, and the rest is history! And what a history it’s been. I’ve had the great pleasure of studying with the VO greats: Wendy Lands, Elley Ray Hennesey, Melissa Altro, Sunday Muse, Lindsey Gardner. I’ve been lucky enough to voice spots for brands like SpinMaster, Pizza73, Glad, and Socialite. I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating on a number of animated pieces for AlterEgo and I’m proud to say that my Scribbles project has brought many-a-smile to many-a-kid’s face. I’d love to be the voice of your next TV show, book, game, or commercial.

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